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Publications of research results is the currency in modern science. It might not be your favourite occupation, but it is a decisive one, strongly determining your future research and career opportunities. 

A to Z of scientific writing


The seminar covers the following topics:


• Develop a clear main message
• Setting priorities in the writing process
• Practice a scientific writing style
• Logical structure of the text
• Create meaningful graphics
• Planning the overall process
• Collaborate with multiple authors
• Submit and respond in the referee process

Concrete work on your texts

This workshop is most helpful when you have an upcoming text to work on. During the course there are always different exercises in which you will apply the material you have learned to your own text. The workshop loses some of its effectiveness if it is listened to purely theoretically.

Doctoral thesis or article - which focus should it be?


This workshop can have two different focuses. It either focuses on writing the doctoral thesis or writing a scientific article. Of course there is a lot of overlap, but it has turned out to be more productive to focus on one of the two topics.


I always found writing annoying, but now I'm looking forward to writing my doctoral thesis.

- Peter, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

Thanks for this great training.

- Thomas, Technical University of Munich

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